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Rules and agreement

  1. Have a callsign with YOTA in the suffix. For example: PA6YOTA
  2. Maximum of 2 callsigns per country. We are willing to make an exception if, for example, your country has several prefix districts. Feel free to contact us with your request
  3. Applicants must ensure that the callsign is used primarily to get Youngsters On The Air (Youngsters are defined by IARU R1 as 'under-26')
  4. We kindly ask you to upload the ADIF log at least once a week if operated. Of course if your logs are uploaded every day, it is best. All QSOs must be uploaded as an ADIF file before January 10th
  5. All QSOs must be made in December
  6. This is NOT a contest; we are trying to spread the word! Talk to people about what we do, not only quick 59(9) reports. Admitting, a pile-up is always fun and of course we all love it
  7. Use the same YOTA callsign which was used in your country in the previous year(s)

I, the responsible person for this callsign, accept the rules and declare that all info that I'm about to enter is true.
I agree that for a successful attempt to gather all logs, the logfile (in ADIF format) must be uploaded to the HAM-YOTA server every other day (if this is not possible, at least try to do it weekly) and I promise to do so.
This new method was implemented to avoid any confusion with manually sending in the logfiles.
I also acknowledge that I'm aware of the fact that a uniform QRZ template will be provided and that if I'm not capable of implementing this by myself I will release the QRZ page of this callsign to the website coordinators, so they can do this for me.
I am aware that a realistic number of QSL cards will be provided for this callsign and all QSL requests will be handled by the QSL Manager indicated by the YOTA Staff.
If I'm planning to use this callsign in contests, which will result in a higher amount of QSL requests for my station, I will make a contribution to YOTA to cover these extra costs.
I know that this is an event to stimulate the amount of youngsters on the air, thus avoiding simple "59, thanks 73'" QSO's but instead giving some information about the event and it's purpose.
The main purpose of this activity is to show the amateur radio hobby to young people and to encourage young people to make use of the ham radio waves.
I'm aware that this callsign should be primarily used by youngsters. Youngsters are defined by the IARU as persons under the age of 26 years. All applying callsigns will be verified with their IARU member society before being accepted.