To obtain an award you have to make QSOs (on-air contacts) with the YOTA special event stations listed on this page.


  • Awards can be requested by licensed amateur radio operators and shortwave listeners.
  • SWLs must submit 2-way communication details. Details of communication required: callsign, worked station, date and time (UTC), band and mode. This requirement also applies to enquiries towards organizers regarding your missing QSOs from the database.
  • Awards are free, they will be electronically distributed.
  • Awards can be achieved by fulfilling the requirements of award levels.
  • Scores are calculated based on your QSOs with YOTA special event stations, following these rules.
  • Only QSOs made between 1 December 2020 00:00 UTC and 31 December 2020 23:59 UTC can be used to apply for the awards.
  • All bands and all modes are valid.
  • Equation for calculation of your scores is simple: 'Number of points' = ('Worked stations' * 2) + 'Worked bandslots'. This also means, you get 3 points (+1 'station' * 2 + 1 'bandslot') for the first QSO with a station, and 1 point for every other bandslot with this specific station.
  • Bandslots are combination of all amateur radio bands and CW, PHone and DIGI modes. Contacts made using the Morse Code count as CW, any mode using transmission of speech (LSB, USB, FM, AM etc) counts as PHone, and all other modes combined count as DIGI.
  • Example:
    • You work OH2YOTA on 80CW (first contact = 2 points, new bandslot = 1 point)
    • You work OH2YOTA again, this time on 80SSB (2nd contact = 0 points, new bandslot = 1 point)
    • You work PA6YOTA on 40M in PSK32 (DIGI) (first contact = 2 points, new bandslot = 1 point)
    • You work PA6YOTA again on 40M, this time in FT8 (DIGI) (second contact = 0 points, duplicate bandslot = 0 points)
    • TOTAL: 7 points

In total there are 4 awards to achieve:

  • Bronze (15 points)
  • Silver (35 points)
  • Gold (65 points)
  • Platinum (105 points)